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Character of the Month (July)

Grace Hollon (World Heavyweight Champion)

Wrestler, TikToker, Cheerleader

This month we celebrate the World Heavyweight Champion, Grace Hollon. Grace's rise to fame was most unlikely. From wrestling the at-the-time champion Vivi Winkler in her bedroom in her teens, Grace figured out she could get into Vivi's head, and would then go on to torment the most successful wrestler in women's history until finally winning the belt off her in 2023. Just a couple of years ago, Grace was a bratty teenage cheerleader, dancer, and occasional wrestler, but since her bouts with Vivi and dethroning her, Grace has turned into a wrestling machine, defending the title against Vivi, Fafa Araujo, men twice or triple her size, and many more. One of Grace's mottos is "the bigger they are, the harder they fall", and she makes sure her opponents realise that to be the World Heavyweight Champion, you don't in fact need to be a heavyweight at all.

Hottest Wrestler (Power Rankings)

New Stories!

A new stories has been added to the site for launch, a story I wrote for Sammie, which involves a tag match outside on the lawn between two sisters and their best friends. Go check it out!

06/06/23: A new story has been added, the 5th match between Pino and Sommer Ray, which resulted in Pino taking her first ever loss and the end of her, at the time record, unbeaten streak.

07/06/23: A legendary match-up between long-time rivals Vivi Winkler and Jasmine Mendez has been added to the stories category. This match saw Vivi come out of retirement to face Jasmine who was going for a 50th match unbeaten. Vivi turned the tables though, using a variety of tricks and dirty moves, usually Jasmine’s wheelhouse, to completely annihilate her.

18/06/23: The match for the AEW World Championship has been added today between Vivi Winkler and Steph Sanzo. Vivi annihilated Steph after waiting months for her title shot. Go and read how Vivi claimed her first title, on her way to becoming unified champ!

16/07/23: A new match has been added today which was originally a competitive match and has been adapted into a story, with some added post-match humiliation and context. The match is between Vivi and Scissor Foxes star and ex-ballet dancer and gymnast Chichi Medina. Who will win between the legendary Unified World Champion and the local fetish wrestler?

06/09/23: Today sees the addition of a whole host of competitive matches. These have taken me some time to copy across, edit, and publish so I sure hope you enjoy them. Firstly, there is a series of 3 matches between Vivi Winkler and Nochtli Alvarez (Dominant Dutchie) that are sure to whet your appetite, including the infamous cage match, where it is unclear if Nochtli actually survived. Secondly, there is another match involving Dutchie, but this time against the stunningly beautiful Olivia Dunne, who was at the time quite new to my roster and making her wrestling debut. Finally, there is also a match from ChatFighters, my first serious contest on that platform against the loudmouth blonde bimbo, Bratty Princess.

19/09/23: Jasmine Mendez finally puts her rivalry with Vivi Winkler to bed and she does it on her terms. After years of being on the receiving end, the old titans of the community square up one final time and unexpectedly Jasmine comfortably comes out on top.

12/12/23: Vivi has only one known weakness… gymnasts, and in this story it rears its ugly head again as Vivi dominates almost an entire match against two different gymnasts, only to get too confident and slip up, finding herself destroyed not much later by the beautiful but tiny Reagan Campbell!

16/12/23: Hot off the heels of beating Vivi Winkler, Jasmine considered herself the new top dog of the wrestling world and practically unbeatable… This confidence wouldn’t last long however, as Vivi’s compatriot Fafa Araujo pulled off one of the biggest beatdowns in cyber wrestling history!

13/01/24: In addition to Nala Ray being added to the site, I have also added one of her most famous wins, a stunning turnaround around the Russian beast, Vladislava!

04/02/24: To celebrate the addition of the current World Heavyweight Champion, Grace Hollon, onto the site, her most famous and dominant wrestling victory to date, the match where she won the title, has been added!

26/02/24: Maddy Cheary recently set herself the goal of challenging, and hopefully beating, a number of muscular male opponents. The first cab off the rank would be Macke, a man much larger and stronger than her, and also a man with vast experience. Will Maddy be out of her depth or will she prove to be too skilled for the big man?

08/04/24: Charli D’Amelio has never had a wrestling match before, but greatly enjoys watching it, and especially watching her favourite champion, Vivi Winkler. When she gets the chance to face Vivi herself though, she quickly learns that everything she though about wrestling wasn’t true, and that professional wrestling is fraudulent. This fanciful and highly embellished tale is not for those who like to read realistic matches, but if you enjoy a touch of the absurd, this one is for you!

11/04/24: Breckie Hill has wrestled plenty of times in lounge rooms and backyards, but she’s never had a Professional Style wrestling match. For her first match in the TikTok Cyber Wrestling League, she is thrown right in the deep end against professional wrestling legend Vivi Winkler.

23/04/24: It has been some time since I wrote a wrestling story rather than published a match or roleplay. I LOVE writing these kinds of stories, so I really hope you enjoy reading them as they take many hours of hard work. Please enjoy reading Olivia’s demolition job of NCAA Division 1 wrestler Trent Hidlay as they wrestle over who gets to use the gym!

19/05/24: Two more matches from the TikTok Wrestling League have been added to the site. Two matches where Vivi takes on much smaller opponents and dominates them completely!

New Characters!

06/06/23: Two new characters have been added today – the superb Dutch athlete that is Guusje van Geel, and Cuban/American model Angie Varona!

08/06/23: Another two new characters added today in the form of my original dominant model, Pino, and my long term partner, Angel!

12/06/23: Two more characters have been added today, both pocket rockets, Savannah Prez and Qimmah Russo!

13/06/23: One new character was added today, Colombian fitness model Anllela Sagra, who was for a short period one of my primary characters.

15/06/23: Another professional wrestler has been added today in the form of former TBS Champion from AEW, Jade Cargill.

16/06/23: One of my all-time best friends, @cutiepie.kaitlyn, has her model added today, the stunning Swiss beauty, Victoria Xavier.

17/06/23: Two more models have been added today, the huge Puerto Rican bodybuilder Yarishna Ayala, and the thicc fitness model and former softball player Krissy Taylor!

18/06/23: A further two more models have been added today, both characters of some of my best friends and both big names in the world of TikTok, Charli D’Amelio and Danielle Cooper!

19/06/23: Two Korean bodybuilders have been added today, the first being the beautiful Sara Choi, the second being my only male character and one of my original primary characters Chul-Soon Hwang!

30/07/23: Today I added a model who has been one of my favourites for years and used by two of my best friends in the community, Giulia Valeriani (Moonchild and Natty Jay)!

01/07/23: Two more characters have been added to the roster today, both professional wrestlers of different kinds, the first being the legendary WWE Women’s Champion Tish Stratus, and the second being a character of one of my biggest rivals and eventually my friend, Jasmine Mendez!

16/07/23: To go along with the new story added today where gymnast and Scissor Foxes star Chichi Medina takes on Vivi Winkler, I have also added her as a character!

06/08/23: Two new models were added today, based upon voting from my Instagram stories. Firstly, my wonderful tag team partner of several years now, the incredile Teddy Moutinho. Secondly, the girl known by some as Sommer’s even hotter sister, Skylyn Ray!

24/08/23: Today sees the addition of just one new model, but a young girl who is already causing a storm, the beautiful and incredibly powerful young American bodybuilder, Maddie Loehr!

26/08/23: The young, short, skinny, but incredibly beautiful TikToker Rachel Brockman joins the roster today!

17/09/23: The mightily powerful teenager beyond her years who was the first to overpower and womanhandle Vivi has been added to the roster, Serena Scorn!

28/09/23: Two new wrestlers have been added to the website today, both of whom are capable of performing in the ring far beyond what the untrained eye might expect of them. Firstly, the incredibly successful but miniature Ragan Smith has won countless gymnastics titles, but also claims a pinfall victory and ending of a mighty streak over Vivi Winkler among her wrestling accolades. Meanwhile newcomer and English model Maddy Cheary turns out to be far more skilled and occasionally brutal in the ring than anyone could reasonably expect!

23/10/23: An old favourite from my Gym page finally makes a return to the roster today. It’s the stupendous, curvaceous but still somehow ripped Colombian Playboy model, Francia James!

21/11/23: Following on from the announcement of Ragan Smith as Character of the Month for November, today I have added another gymnast who goes by a very similar name – LSU graduate Reagan Campbell!

12/12/23: Today sees the entry of one of my deepest friends and a member of the cyber wrestling community now for a number of years, the incomparable Dominant Dutchie and her model Nochtli Alvarez!

24/12/23: To celebrate Christmas, two new characters have been added to the roster and they are both NXT talent! First off is former NXT Champion and soon to be main roster candidate, former gymnast and now bodybuilder Tiffany Stratton. Secondly is the beautiful, singlet and bikini wearing ex-cheerleader and member of Alpha Academy, Maxxine Dupri!

03/01/24: The first member of the roster for 2024 is the incredibly beautiful, deeply tanned, and multi-faceted athlete and fitness model who also becomes Character of the Month for January, Vicky Palacio!

13/01/24: The newest addition to the roster is one of my oldest friends, cyber’s biggest redhead brat, but also incredibly multi-talented fitness model, Nala Ray!

03/02/24: Welcome to the roster college cheerleader turned professional boxer, the beautiful but tenacious and endlessly tough blonde babe from Rhode Island, Vicky D’Errico!

04/02/24: Today marks the arrival of the current World Heavyweight Champion, the TikToker, former cheerleader, and now wrestling sensation, Grace Hollon!

18/02/24: Joining the roster is one of the first characters on my original gym page on Instagram, one of my first primary models, as well as the original “Brazilian Bombshell”, the incomparable 38-year-old beauty with abs of steel, Alice Matos!

26/02/24: Finally, one of my all-time best friends (and girlfriend of my character Maddy) makes her way onto the roster, the stunningly hot blonde, Sammie (Vanessa DeCesare)!

15/03/24: Today is special as I have introduced several new pages for Vivi Winkler, chronicling her career through the years. Each page is a snapshot of where she was at the year, the outfits she wore at that time, a different breakdown of attributes, moves, and style. Enjoy reading!

03/04/24: Welcome to the roster my good friend and long-time collaborator, Melina, and her stunning model Ally Bross!

07/04/24: At the request of my dearest friend Sammie, I have added a stunning new girl to the roster, the young, beautiful TikTok and Instagram sensation, Sadie McKenna!

11/04/24: Along with her first match in the TikTok Cyber Wrestling League against Vivi Winkler, TikTok star and Livvy Dunne lookalike Breckie Hill has been added to the roster!

19/04/24: The incredibly voluptuous and yet still incredibly muscular Brazilian/Japanese beauty Genesis Lopez joins the roster!

05/05/24: An old, dear friend of mine who started out as a cosplayer and adult entertainer now turned MILF fitness model, has today been added to the roster – the eye-catching Liz Katz!

04/06/24: I recently held a poll on my stories for you all to pick my next models to be added to the site. Among the three you picked was Australian bicep queen Emma Hartley and she joins the roster today!

07/06/24: The second of three voted for characters joins the roster today, following on from Emma Hartley a few days ago. It’s the short, but enormous Brazilian IFBB Pro and best friend of Fafa, Alessandra Alves!

19/06/24: The final of the three characters, voted to be added by my Instagram followers, has today been added to the roster, the stunningly gorgeous, long-limbed Russian bombshell, Natasha Karsavina (Natalee)!

A nice little find… a screenshot of when I hit 10K followers on my first Vivi account (which at the time had the username @vivi.cyber), and an earlier one from when I hit 6K followers, which shows my record at the time sitting at 305-0.